Saturday, May 22, 2010

Top Money Tips for Malaysian

Author: KC Lau
Number of Pages: 203 Pages
Publisher: TrueWealth
As I read this book, I remembered Zig Ziglar’s quote “Some of us learn from other people’s mistakes and the rest of us have to be other people”. Yes, way too many people make repeated financial mistakes especially at the early stage of their lives (when we start earning). The author, KC Lau gave a good thought of what most ordinary individuals especially Malaysians do with their cash, are they making wise decisions and how can they do better. In this book, Top Money Tips for Malaysian, KC Lau provided 24 money tips, which are divided into four categories:
• Smart Money Tips
• Money Making Tips
• Money Saving Tips
• Money Protection Tips

Among the topics covered in this book are on how much money is wasted knowingly or unknowingly due to wrong financial decisions. Some are simply silly but common mistakes made by many people. KC Lau also gave some interesting cash generating ideas and many simple ways to save our hard earned cash. It’s totally up to us to pick what works well for ourselves.
The Smart Money Tips section was my particular favorite as the author indeed explained smart tips including getting rich with excessive debt, compound interest, Rule 72 and budget plan. Rule 72 was something new to me and I intend to explore further.
Being an insurance agent himself, it’s no surprise that KC Lau allocated a section just to elaborate the insurance policies and options available in the Malaysian market. It was a good read as often times our only source of reference and information are just the insurance agents who may have personal interest in mind.

This book could definitely help many people especially those of you have just started their career to avoid silly but expensive mistakes and start to be thrifty the soonest possible. Like the author emphasized, the earlier you start, the better.

Even though there are many financial self-help books out there, there are way too little written in Malaysians context and KC Lau definitely filled the void.

Top Money Tips for Malaysian was written by a Malaysian for Malaysians. Recently, the book was also published in Bahasa Malaysia (Malay language) as Tip-tip Kewangan Untuk Rakyat Malaysia to reach more local readers.

KC Lau also discusses financial planning and wealth management on a regular basis in his blog – (


  1. Thanks for your kind review.

  2. i think the book is mindset change alot after reading that book...and second edition of the book has been published...
    sadly,it is exactly the same with the first one...the 2nd book added one bonus content only....
    thanks to kc lau anyway.

  3. Learning a lot. This would serve as my reference for me to be guided in dealing how to earn money. Thanks!