Thursday, May 06, 2010

One Red Paperclip

Author: Kyle MacDonald
Number of Pages: 310 Pages
Publisher: Three Rivers Press

One Red Paperclip was written by Kyle MacDonald himself about his journey of owning a house from nothing but just one red paperclip. That’s right, an ordinary paperclip. As fiction as it may sound, this is a true life story.

Kyle MacDonald was just an ordinary guy next door, hopping from one job to another while his girlfriend was paying the rent. Kyle had an ambition. Starting with a red paperclip, he traded it for another item, each time for something bigger and better. He got the idea from his childhood game called ‘Bigger And Better’.

He traded the red paperclip which once held his resume, to a fish pen. Later the fish pen for a doorknob and the doorknob for a camping stove and the trading went on. In just fourteen trades, Kyle eventually owned a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan. All this took place in a year.

Kyle made a point of doing all this trade in person. Hence along the journey, he met many interesting people, made wonderful relationship and as his trading progressed, he became a well-known figure.

I liked the way how Kyle wrote the journal in a very down-to-earth and yet lively manner. I enjoyed his write-up. I also found the story to be very inspiring. This does not mean that I will trade my stationery for a house too.

As crazy as an idea may sound, it is always doable and achievable. Kyle MacDonald has just proved it with the house he owned from one red paperclip.

Kyle has also blogged his story at

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