Thursday, April 08, 2010

Beyond Ugly

Author: Constance Briscoe
Number of Pages: 256 Pages
Publisher: Hodder and Stoughton

Beyond Ugly was written by Constance Briscoe about her true life story.
The story begins with how she puts herself though law school by financing herself. In the meantime, she also gets her face fixed (plastic surgery), as she always believed that she is ugly, ugly and ugly....the mantra that her mom has chanted throughout her life. She speaks about her part time nurse job at a hospice for the terminally ill, seeing and dealing with deaths almost every day.

Her trouble did not end in law school but continued with her pupilage and even further. She spoke about her experience as a barrister, the cases and not forgetting the bullies she had to tolerate and later the struggle she had in obtaining the Chamber membership.

Constance cared for details and you can observe that in the way she wrote about her experiences. I did enjoy it. However, little was mentioned about her suffering as a child. Perhaps I should have read her first book, Ugly to know more about what has actually happened - why and how she was tortured by her parents, especially her mother. To begin by reading Beyond Ugly leaves you with too many unanswered questions.

Constance Briscoe is definitely a brave and determined person. I was sad to know how much her past has tampered her confidence, that she was willing to put herself under the knife just to feel better about herself.

As for the novel, I liked the way her life experiences were lined up, and how she expressed herself each and every time. However, I was rather disappointed that the novel was not closed very well. I felt like it ended with "To be Continued" and I wish I could get that part of it.


  1. It's interesting on how much influence parents can give to their children. I guessed I do agreed on that point, but as for me I prefer to read the review rather than the novel itself.


  2. Yes, & its sad to know that its a true story..

  3. A very inspiring story that gives us value and telling how importance about life.

  4. the story is about as real as Constance Briscoe tatty weave.