Friday, April 09, 2010

100 Ways to Save Tax in Malaysia for Property Investors

Author: Richard Thornton
Number of Pages: 224 Pages
Publisher: Sweet and Maxwell Asia

100 Ways to Save Tax in Malaysia for Property Investors provides details of how one can save tax as a property investors. Besides, it also answers many questions that property investors have, such as “is it wise to declare property income as business income?”, “is it a good idea to use a company for property income?”, real property gains tax, real property companies, declaring rental and other property income, and many more.

Some tax saving idea are also included. While covering wide aspects of property tax in Malaysia, Richard Thornton did not miss the tiny details including stamp duty and title. The appendix is a definite bonus for those who care for details.
 Furthermore, as tax is not an easy subject, Thornton provided examples and scenarios to explain his points further. He definitely deserves a credit for that as well!

One interesting fact I found out was if I inherit a 6 years old property, say from my father and sell it on the following year, I must pay tax on the profit made out of that disposal. So, regardless of how old is the property, what matters most is if I disposed it within or after 5 years of acquisition. This is something I did not know till I got this book!
 In short, this book covers almost all possible aspects anyone owning a property would ask. Hence, as a property investor myself, I must say that this book is worth reading. Plus, it’s wise to keep it as a reference book if you are a property investor.

My suggestion is to read through the book once (or more if you have time) and keep it for reference as and when you needed.

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  1. Yup, this is a great book I think. I bought the other two versions, "100 Ways to ... for Investment" and "100 Ways to ... for Small Business" with DirectAcess-MPH voucher :)

    Started to read a few pages on both of them but yet to finish them :)

  2. Thanks for this interesting review as well as the others you have posted.

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone.

    Were the other books by Thornton good as well?

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  5. Yes this book is very useful...on the other books I think the book for individuals tax saving by Thornton (with the same title) is great as well...and of course it touches more on ordinary people like me...a must read before I file my tax returns :)...

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  9. Thanks Syed, for sharing..

  10. Very useful post. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Pls give some tips for ways to save tax, I pay lot of amout to as income tax pls help me.......

  12. Well, I shall never forget his speech....thanks for posting anyway...

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  16. this seems to be interesting thing to read. hope it helps to save a good amount. anyways thanks for sharing it.

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